Doing What You Love

Changes Everything

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It takes a while to digest this, but once you do, it feels a little better.

Sometimes you have to find the good in a bad situation. Not just for yourself, but for the one that needs it the most. Keeping up appearances is a real dilemma. Its a hard thing to grasp when you are grasping at straws to make it through the day. We all have times in our lives when we are facing a situation with a loved one that doesn’t have a good outcome. The outcome may be bad, but the remainder of the time doesn’t have to be. Making it good, takes effort, real tangible ideas, thoughts of making this a pleasant and desirable place to be. Find out what it is that will make it good for the other person. When you find this out, do your best to make it happen. Let your love shine and your heart be worn on your sleeve. Let it make you smile with appreciation at the time spent with your loved one on a not so good day. Only you can take whatever it is that is not good and make it good. Not only for you, but for all involved.

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May your time be filled with good memories and laughter and most of all may your time be filled with love and happy thoughts. It does make a difference. It does make a bad situation easier for all involved.

One thought on “Finding the good in the Not so good.

  1. Tracy Moore says:

    This is a wonderful post. The part about wearing your heart on your sleeve when it really counts…1000 x yes! I agree that it’s so important to do our best to show up for those who need us. We do have to remember to show up for ourselves too, so that our well doesn’t run dry, and to allow others to give us a boost and support. ❤

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